Let's Talk E-Readers

Let's talk e-readers. I received my first Kindle as a Christmas gift back in 2011. I spent most of 2012 reading on it and then eventually migrated back to physical books. Since then, I've alternated between reading on my Kindle and reading physical books (but leaning more heavily toward the physical books category). Especially once I started sharing my reading life on #bookstagram, I favored physical books because they photograph better.

Well, I've rediscovered my love for my Kindle now that bookstore browsing isn't a weekly occurrence. We left the city to stay in Delaware while COVID-19 is happening so I'm not at home with my books and I have a fairly small TBR pile that I packed and brought with me. So reading on the Kindle feels like a good way to have more options! I wanted to share a few ways that I find good Kindle deals and also some inspiration and tips for photographing your e-reader to make it look *cute*

Kindle Deals

I have a few ways that I read for cheap on my Kindle. I wanted to avoid buying books on my Kindle because I personally feel like if I'm going to spend ~$10+ on something, I'd like to have something physical to show for it. Here's where I source my reads for my Kindle.

1. The Library

Libraries may be closed right now, but you can still access their digital collections online. It depends on your library, but I like to use the Libby app to place holds on e-books and check them out. You can download the app, enter your library card information, and then begin searching! They have e-books and audiobooks available. I have found that the wait times are pretty long, since everyone is using the library digitally at the moment, but if you have some older titles that you want to read you can check those out while you put some newer releases on hold.

2. Modern Mrs. Darcy Daily E-Book Deals

Anne Bogel, of Modern Mrs. Darcy, has a true gift for finding the best Kindle deals. She shares them on her site but you can also sign up to get the deals delivered to your inbox daily. I've found so many good deals through her daily email and have also seen a number of newer releases that I've read and loved go on sale, so it's a great place to find tons of titles to stock on your Kindle for a few dollars!

3. BookBub Daily E-Book Deals

Similar to the Modern Mrs. Darcy e-book deals, BookBub compiles the best deals on their site. You can also sign up for their daily email to get the deals delivered straight to your inbox. I find that they have a wider variety of deals than Modern Mrs. Darcy does, so it doesn't always feel as curated to my taste but it's great for a wide range of reading tastes!

Photos above via @poppyxpaper, @see.sarah.read, @wellstyledbookworm, @spedandspines, @the_og_kindle, @moonbookflows, @cariturnerreads, @grass_harp

Kindle Photography Inspiration

A second piece of reading more on my Kindle is finding creative ways to share what I'm reading on my #bookstagram. I put a lot of effort into making sure that my feed has a certain feel to it and for a long time I told myself that any shots of the Kindle would ruin that feel since the version I have is only a black & white screen. I sourced some tips via my Instagram Stories and here's what people shared with me.

1. Use the Kindle app on your iPad or iPhone

This lets you shoot a photo with the cover in color. You can open your book in the Kindle app on your device of choice, turn the brightness down a bit to account for your edits later, and then shoot your photo.

2. Use Canva to add the cover of your book in post processing

Shoot your photo as you normally would with your Kindle as your subject. Then, find an image of the cover of the book you're reading online and save it. Upload both your photo of your Kindle and the photo of the book cover to Canva and edit the book cover onto the face of the Kindle. This will take some tweaking to make sure everything lines up and looks good (and it doesn't always work perfectly) but I'd recommend a straight-on shot of your Kindle for this to work best.

3. Add color and texture to your photo with your props

This one is the simplest solution and involves embracing the bland look of the Kindle by sprucing up the other parts of your picture. By adding color, texture and dimension to your photo through props (mugs of coffee, blankets, flowers, etc.) you can make the picture look pretty even when you have the Kindle in the shot.

Do you have any favorite sources of Kindle deals? Or good tips for sharing photos of your Kindle on your #bookstagram page? I'm always on the hunt for more inspiration!


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