8 cozy #bookstagram accounts to inspire you

One of my favorite things about joining the #bookstagram community has been all of the wonderful people I've connected with and the endless source of inspiration - whether that be reading inspiration or photography inspiration. I'm constantly in awe of the talent of this community and I wanted to share some of the accounts that are giving me all the cozy inspiration to stay home and read recently!

1. @apresread

I love following Alex's feed because she reads the best books, is very open about her Slytherin-ness (is that a word?) and has an impeccable eye for design. I want her to design me a room, offer me a stack of books and then leave me be until the spring thaw.

2. @thebookishglow

Alexandra is half the mastermind behind #TheCozyBookishWeekend hashtag and I don't know what says cozy if that doesn't. She's a sweetheart, reads great books, and has a really calming presence in her feed. It makes me want to grab the nearest fuzzy blanket, a cup of milky tea, and get lost in a story for a few hours.

3. @novellevague

How serene is this feed? Every time I see a new post I know I'm in for a treat. The colors and books on this feed make me immediately feel at peace. I'm always saving these posts for future home decor and photo inspiration - I love the simplicity. Plus, I'll take all of the book recommendations.

4. @herlifeinbooks

I recently found Samantha's feed and quickly became obsessed. I love the neutrals in her feed and, again, simplicity (can you tell I'm drawn to simplicity?). I look forward to seeing her photos pop up in my feed for some visual inspiration and she never disappoints.

5. @mydarlingbookshelf

Ashley is such a gem and though she has always had lovely photos, lately she has upped her photo game and I've been loving it! I mean look at those colors! Don't they just scream cozy fall?! Ashley has a great design eye, is super honest and open, and I'm always curious to see what she's reading.

6. @booklanguage

Fun fact: Gabi is an old friend from Boston and we used to work together. We went to the same university and ended up both getting a job at our alma mater in the same office. We shared a (very tiny) office for about two years, which we dubbed The Creative Suite™ and tried to make as festive as you possibly can when you work in a concrete box. She joined bookstagram earlier this year and I love seeing her creativity come out on her feed. She has a really lovely, airy, and colorful photography style and it just makes me want to stop everything I'm doing and read.

7. @juliawreads

Julia's feed is so peaceful! I love her bookshelf shots and she's always sharing drool-worthy photos of two of my favorite things: plants and books. She also has great taste in books and I'm always eager to see what she is reading so that I can add it to my TBR list.

8. @humankindbookclub

Annie's feed makes me want to move to Canada immediately if only for the beautiful nature scenes she shares on her feed. She also runs a book club and always has the best selections (if you're in Canada you should check it out!). I've been loving her selections and the cozy vibes on her feed. Plus, The Dutch House was my favorite read recently so I'm always happy to see it on other people's feeds.

So, what is your go-to source for inspiration? Instagram or otherwise?


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