15 Really Fun Rom-Coms to Add To Your Reading List

In 2019 I dove into the world of bookish romantic comedies and I have never looked back. To be honest, I think I judged these books by their covers before then. I would often see them and assume they would be too light and fluffy for me. But what an unfair assumption!

Since then, I've come to love romantic comedies. In the same way that I love to watch movies across all different genres, I've come to really appreciate different genres of books, too. When you're reading at a greater volume, it's great to be able to mix up what you're reading. And the romance genre has been such a place of comfort, over the last year especially.

I love diving in to a love story and knowing that there will be a happy ending. I love getting to know a cozy, seaside village or a charming midwest town and all the quirky characters that the author populates them with. I've grown to love rooting for the leading couple and, even when the twists might be cheesy, cheer them on from the sidelines.

The best part is, the more rom-coms I read the more I know what I like in a story. I've read some that I didn't like because I didn't connect with them. For me, I love a cozy setting, a quirky leading couple, and less steam.

Want to see all my suggestions? Head over here to see the full list!

Any on here you're interested in? Any that you'd add to the list?